5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Church

celebrate Mother's Day at church
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Hosting a special and memorable event for Mother’s Day at church this year doesn’t have to be difficult. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and there are endless ways to thank all the mothers for all they do. But Positive Promotions is happy to help you narrow it down to make it easy, affordable, and memorable.

Spending the morning with your congregation is a wonderful way to start any Mother’s Day celebration. And an added event can make all the mothers and women of faith in your community feel even more appreciated.

Here is a list of 5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Church:

Host a picnic or brunch

Nothing says Mother’s Day like a family brunch. Having a church outing like a picnic is a great way to bring your congregation together and celebrate as one big community. Positive Promotions can help you keep the food fresh and keep everyone hydrated.

Have a mother/child Bible study

Provide a nice place for the women in your church to sit with their children and discuss meaningful passages from the Bible. Encourage mothers to share the passages they hold dear to their hearts, and have their children follow along in their own Bibles, highlighting these special passages as they go.

Give a meaningful gift

A gift from the heart will always make mom smile. Find the right one to give to the mothers in your church at Positive Promotions. We have wonderful gifts you can purchase in bulk to make sure all the moms attending will walk away feeling recognized.

Plant flowers in the church garden

May is the perfect month for Mother’s Day, because May is a beautiful month filled with blooming gardens. Have an event in which families can help plant fresh flowers to decorate the church garden. Then give a flower for each child to present to his or her mom on their special day.

Volunteer in your community

As fortunate as many of the mothers in your community have it, some might not be as blessed. Whether it’s through a food drive or clothing donations, encourage your congregation to give back to the families on Mother’s Day to make sure that all moms in your church feel uplifted, inspired, and delighted.