How to Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week

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How To Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2019

First celebrated in 1992, World Breastfeeding Week is now observed in over 120 countries around the world with twin goals of improving the health of babies and promoting, protecting, and supporting the rights of women to breastfeed anywhere and at any time. World Breastfeeding Week takes place every year from August 1 – August 7.

Join Positive Promotions in support of this important week by trying out an activity or two from our helpful list below. We’ve made it easy for individuals and organizations to find ways to show their support for breastfeeding and celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.

15 Ways to Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week

1. Offer help to breastfeeding moms

Balancing bags, blankets, boppies, and baby can be difficult, especially when said baby is hungry and telling the world. If you see a mom struggling to get situated for breastfeeding, offer to help move a chair, unfold a blanket, or secure a stroller until she gets settled.

2. Create visual displays

Ask for quotes from moms about their Best of the Breast(feeding) memories and hang them on an easel near your front door to raise awareness for the week.

3. Make a support basket

Gift a favorite breastfeeding mom or two with fun or useful items to read or use while breastfeeding. Consider adding breastfeeding-themed journals, infant blankets, or water bottles to the mix to show your support to breastfeeding moms.

4. Celebrate breastfeeding moms

Collect mom and baby photos and display them in your front reception area along with current breastfeeding statistics.

5. Host a breastfeeding educational event

Invite a lactation specialist to talk to staff about important breastfeeding topics (i.e. breastfeeding and going back to work or shifting perceptions of breastfeeding).

6. Recognize breastfeeding moms

Gift breastfeeding clients, friends, or family members with a useful reusable bag to hold their nursing essentials.

7. Raffle breastfeeding-themed prizes

Invite pregnant and breastfeeding moms to enter a week-long raffle for a chance at a breastfeeding prize like breast milk nutrition facts t-shirts or “I Support Breastfeeding” buttons.

8. Host a knowledge event for women to share their experiences

Invite nursing moms to talk to expectant mothers, share their breastfeeding experiences, and answer any breastfeeding questions.

9. Organize a breastfeeding outing

Choose a park or pool and invite breastfeeding moms and their families. Provide light snacks and breastfeeding informational material.

10. Donate books and breastfeeding materials

Provide books and breastfeeding materials to a local library. Help them create a display for World Breastfeeding Week.

11. Educate the community

Set up a booth at a local fair or Farmer’s market and hand out breastfeeding information.

12. Reach out to the local press

Call your local newspapers, radio, and television stations and encourage them to run a piece on the benefits of breastfeeding.

13. Advocate for breastfeeding moms

Get in touch with your local city council member, senator, or congressman and invite them to participate in World Breastfeeding Week activities. Ask that they support breastfeeding in the workplace by wearing awareness bracelets for the week.

14. Hold a feed-in

Raise awareness about World Breastfeeding Week by nursing with other moms at a public location.

15. Wear breastfeeding advocacy gear

Help spread the positive breastfeeding message at work, the gym, and the store with attire for moms and babies.

Keep Supporting New Moms and Families

Positive Promotions is excited to help you support soon-to-be and new moms and families as they embark on the adventure of parenthood with our fun and meaningful activity list. With your outreach and advocacy, World Breastfeeding Week will continue to gain momentum, honoring and protecting the rights of moms and encouraging the health of babies all over the world.

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