50 Ways to Celebrate National Nurses Week

Cheers To Your Nurses!
Nurses Gifts & Recognition Ideas for
Nurses Appreciation Week

Nurses caring hearts healing hands chevron tote
Nurses: Caring Hearts, Healing Hands Chevron Tote Bag

A little bit of appreciation can go a long way, especially when it comes to those who care for others day in and day out. National Nurses Week on May 6-12 is the best time to show your nurses and nursing team how much you value their efforts. Pair the ideas below with Positive Promotions’ exclusive nurses gifts to make this year’s recognition events celebrations to remember.

    1. Host a luncheon with healthy foods, such as fruits and veggies. There, give nurses Lunch Bags full of tokens of appreciation.
    2. Make gift-giving more special by handing out items to each nurse personally. Be sure to express your gratitude with a hug or handshake and a sincere “thank you,” too.
    3. Set up a scavenger hunt. Make a list of nursing-related items to find. Pass out prizes to the nurses who locate them the fastest.
    4. Make free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks available to your nurses throughout the week. Be sure to include healthy choices with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
    5. Acknowledge the time your nurses have spent working at your facility. Hold a small ceremony and hand out Years of Service Pins.
    6. Appeal to everyone’s sweet tooth with an ice cream social. Each afternoon, put out a variety of ice cream and toppings for nurses to enjoy.
    7. Place an emphasis on pie during National Nurses Week. Ask non-nursing staff to bring in homemade pies for nurses to enjoy.
    8. Schedule an in-service program during the week and make the topic stress management. Cover healthy ways to deal with stress, such as talking to friends or going for a walk.
    9. Hold dinner at a local winery. Put a token of appreciation at each place setting to surprise nurses when they arrive.
    10. Get out the grill and have a barbecue. Cook up turkey burgers and hot dogs, as well as veggie burgers as a healthier option.
    11. Hold a health fair especially for your nurses. Offer free blood pressure screenings and hand out educational materials, such as Slideguides and Pocket Pals.
    12. Keep a tally of what your nurses do to go above and beyond. For every five tallies, give a Scratch-Off Card for a prize.
    13. Draw the names of nurses each hour during Nurses Week. Make sure each nurse gets a gift.
    14. Thank nurses for “holding things together” with a new Badge Holder. Let them choose from three or four different designs.
    15. Celebrate your nurses with a custom-made cake from a local bakery. Order one for each shift for the last day of National Nurses Week.
    16. Plant a tree in honor of your nurses. Place a plaque next to it which dedicates it to your 2017 nursing staff.
    17. Organize a “Nurses Night Out” with fun activities, such as dancing or a live auction. Pass out door prizes, including Fruit Infuser Water Bottles and Charm Bracelets.
    18. At nurses’ stations, set out a large bowl of Key Chains, Stylus Pens, ID Theft Protection Card Holders, and other items. Then, let nurses choose their own gifts.
    19. Distribute a different T-Shirt for every shift. Ask nurses to sport their T-Shirts throughout the week.
    20. Focus on keeping your nurses healthy. Promote good nutrition by handing out Salad Containers they can use for veggies and fruits.
    21. Use the help of students to recognize your school nurse. Have them sign an Event Poster. Then, hang it in the nurse’s office.
    22. Give each nurse a gift a day. Set them out at nurses’ stations at the beginning of every shift with personalized gift tags attached.
    23. Celebrate your nursing students with a special ceremony. Honor them with gifts, such as Clipboards, that they can use when they enter the workforce.
    24. Push a drink cart around your facility and stop by each nurses’ station. Serve up tea and coffee in Travel Mugs.
    25. superheroes in scrubs golf umbrella
      Superheroes In Scrubs Golf Umbrella

      Enjoy a picnic outside during National Nurses Week. Have dietary services provide sandwiches and salads, and pass out Fleece Picnic Blankets and Backpack Coolers.

    26. Give everyone a matching T-Shirt to wear. Then, smile and say “Nurses Rock!” by participating in a group photo with nurses from every shift. Submit the photos to a local newspaper.
    27. Raise money for a local charity and boost spirits by allowing nurses to wear their jeans for a $1 donation. Let them vote on the organization to donate to.
    28. Honor your superheroes in scrubs! Share with nurses the reasons you think they’re superheroes, and give them presents such as Tumblers and Utility Scissors.
    29. Recognize nurses for the treasures they are with a pirate-themed luncheon. Stuff Tote Bags full of gifts and put them on a table for nurses to take. Put a sign over them that says, “Here’s a Treasure for the Nurses We Appreciate Beyond Measure!”
    30. Pamper your nurses with on-site massages. Offer them items that prolong the pampering, such as Manicure Kits.
    31. Organize a game of Nurse Bingo. Hand out small gifts to the winners, such as Stethoscope Covers.
    32. Hide “germs” around the facility for nurses to find. Attach a ticket to each one. Nurses can turn them in for prizes, including Clipboards and Lapel Pins.
    33. Test your nurses’ knowledge of the history of nursing. Come up with a quiz and give those who get all of the answers correct a Key Tag or Tote Bag.
    34. Hold a surprise staff meeting and “shower” your nurses with gifts, including Umbrellas and other water-related items, such as Water Bottles.
    35. Focus on their feet, since nurses are always on them. Give gift bags of foot-themed presents, such as Pedometers, Socks, and Pedicure Spa Kits.
    36. Tell your nurses that you think they’re “write on!” Hand out Pens and Journals for them to take notes.
    37. Trace the hands of nurses on green construction paper and write each nurse’s name on his/her hand. Attach the paper hands to the top of long, narrow pieces of brown paper to make a tree. Put a banner over it that says, “Our Nurses’ Helping Hands Help Our Facility Grow!”
    38. Hold a canned food drive for a local food pantry, and involve all employees at your facility. Take a picture of nurses delivering the food at the end of the week and put the photo in your newsletter.
    39. Make gift-giving as simple as possible—let nurses pick their own tokens of appreciation several weeks before National Nurses Week. Give them a list of options, such as Trunk Organizers and Coolers or Duffel Bags.
    40. Teach your nurses some relaxation techniques. Bring in a yoga or tai chi instructor to offer quick classes.
    41. Use this National Nurses Week to kick off your “Nurse of the Month” Recognition Program. Choose a special nurse who serves as a role model to honor during this first month.
    42. Pick a food theme for each day of the week. Surprise nurses with food on Taco Tuesday, Waffle Wednesday, and French Toast Friday.
    43. Cut out stars from yellow construction paper, write the names of nurses on them, and attach the stars to a bulletin board in a common area of your facility. Place a banner across the top that says “Our Nurses Are Stars!”
    44. Ask patients/residents to sign thank-you cards for nurses. Then, distribute the cards along with gifts of appreciation on the first day of the week.
    45. Brighten each nurses station with potted flowers, such as daffodils and tulips. Encourage nurses to take them home at the end of the week.
    46. Highlight famous nurses of the past, such as Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton. Quiz your nurses about them, and pass out small prizes to those who answer questions correctly.
    47. Decorate a common area of your facility with Balloons and Posters. Surprise nurses with the colorful decorations at the beginning of the week.
    48. Let nurses know that they warm everyone’s heart. As a special treat one day, serve them heart-shaped cookies and hot chocolate in Insulated Tumblers.
    49. Give your nurses a “break” this National Nurses Week. Offer them an extra 15-minute break each shift, KitKat® bars, and Breakaway Lanyards.
    50. Have nurses show off their skills competitively. Schedule fun “Nurse Olympics” with activities such as pushing med carts, counting meds, and dumping bedpans.

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