Black History Month 2020 Idea Guide

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Black History Month is the perfect time to acknowledge cultural diversity and the contributions of African Americans in the United States. From coast to coast, schools, churches, and other groups should spend time honoring African Americans’ rich history and show appreciation for the many cultures that contribute to the make up our country. As always, Positive Promotions is honored to help these organizations ensure their black history events are memorable and engaging with our distinctive educational tools and incentives. Use the ideas below to inspire you to make your 2020 Black History Month celebrations the best yet!

Remember, Educate, Celebrate

Make sure you spend time each day this Black History Month 2020, from Saturday February 1st through Saturday February 29, remembering an aspect of black history, educating others about black history, or celebrating black history. Share an achievement of historic African Americans in the morning announcements or add an inspirational quote in an email to members of your organization at least once or twice a week. Include giveaways to further promote the colors and themes of black history, such as “Black History: Strong Roots, Amazing Achievements” Silicone Bracelets.

Songs of Freedom

Music has always played an important role in African American culture. Organize a program to highlight the songs that have played an especially significant role in black history. Give any children who come “Freedom Songs: The Music of Black History” Educational Activities Books, which has lyrics to several freedom songs and helps educate children about black history through engaging activities that are fun for the classroom and at home.

Past to Present

African American culture and history is built upon strong roots. Highlight those roots this Black History Month in your schools and organizations with posters, such as “Connecting The Past To The Present” Laminated Poster Set. Don’t just educate on recent achievements, but also remember the pioneers who with their own excellence led the path for people to Believe, Achieve, Succeed.

From Struggle Comes Strength

Spend time during February reflecting upon all aspects of Black History. Remind individuals that despite the struggles faced throughout Black History, African Americans continue to inspire and make wonderful achievements. Give students or members of your community “Black History: From Struggle Comes Strength” T-Shirts and offer essentials like pins that can help promote the colors and themes associated with Black History Month 2020.

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