Emergency Preparedness for Hurricane Season & Beyond

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June is hurricane season in the Atlantic, and in 2018 the east coast of the United States is facing what officials are calling “above-average” storms. Many county and city safety departments regularly conduct emergency preparedness drills and programs, but individuals should always be aware of the impending dangers and know what to do in case of a hurricane or weather event.

Emergency Preparedness Tools & Resources

For families, being knowledgeable and prepared can mean the difference between life and death.

• Helpful emergency preparedness guides are a great way to spread awareness in the community and the workplace.

• Having first aid and a disaster supply kit on hand, supplemented with three days’ worth of food and water for each family member, is essential for areas at high risk for flooding or hurricane damage.

• Another great way to be prepared is to have a floor plan drawn up with all the available escape routes in the home or office.

• Keeping emergency safety tips within view in high traffic areas is also helpful, as is planning for disaster recovery.

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Whether it’s hurricane season or any day of the year, it pays to plan ahead and be prepared for every emergency. And make sure to share safety tips with older individuals or anyone in need.

Safety Tips for Families

• Most people can survive for several days on half the normal amount of food, but children and pregnant women should get full portions if possible.

• Metal structures such as sheds provide little to no protection from powerful winds and destructive weather. Seek a sturdy building nearby for shelter instead.

• It’s vital to know beforehand where emergency shelters in your area are located and which shelters or hotels permit pets if your family has them.

• In case of a power outage, first check the fuse box or circuit breakers in your home. Also contact your neighbors to see if their power is out.

Good planning and preparation are vital defenses when facing natural disasters. Spread the word about being prepared to your community with helpful tips and valuable resources, whether it’s staying safe during hurricane season, fires, or any emergency situation.

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