Celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week® May 13-19, 2018

Skilled Nursing Care Week
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Your staff is your most important asset! Let the people who care for your residents know you appreciate them during National Skilled Nursing Care Week® (formerly Nursing Home Week).

Working with seniors and people with disabilities is challenging, and those who do it deserve special recognition. Show your team you value them as much as they value your residents. Check out these fun ideas for the week and all year ’round!

Great Ways to Celebrate Nursing Home Staff 

INTRODUCE A MORALE BOOSTER: This is a great time to kick off a new Employee of the Month program. Gather the staff in your break room, and honor one superstar! Provide delicious treats and beverages for the staff and give the winner a gift basket.

DRESS TO IMPRESS: Staff T-shirts show team unity and pride. Order matching shirts for your crew, and ask everyone to wear them on a Friday with jeans. Take a group photo to commemorate your “Tee-rrific” team. Post the picture on your organization’s website or newsletter.

GEAR UP FOR GAMES: Trivia is still all the rage, and games liven up workplace culture. Create a fun trivia game for your staff and award the winners prizes from a gift-a-day set or raffle pack.

FOCUS ON SELF CARE: Remind your staff that they need to care for themselves in order to be able to care for others. Provide opportunities for them to be active and reduce stress with on-site yoga classes, group walks during breaks, or participation in a recreational soccer or kickball league.

PLAN AN INDOOR PICNIC: Pick up a roast chicken dinner with all the fixin’s from your favorite grocery store. Decorate your break room with checkered tablecloths and balloons, and treat your staff to a fun lunch!

Ideas for Recognizing Nurses and Residents 

HAVE SPECIAL GUESTS: Invite a children’s singing or dance group to perform for staff and residents in your activity room during National Skilled Nursing Care Week®. Serve healthy snacks and drinks, and decorate the room with balloons and posters.

THROW A THROWBACK THURSDAY LUNCH: Organize a luncheon for everyone. A few weeks before the event, ask residents and staff to name their favorite childhood foods. Serve some of the healthier dishes at the luncheon, and ask those who attend to share their food memories.

FOCUS ON HYDRATION: Remind your staff to make water their beverage of choice. Hand out refillable water bottles so everyone can use the same kind, and encourage employees to remind one another to stay well hydrated.

SAY A FEW WORDS: Make residents the center of attention one day during the week. Organize a special activity in which staff members read aloud to residents the reasons why they’re appreciated.

GET CREATIVE: Encourage staff members to be creative by helping them write their life stories. Give them a blank journal or notebook and special pens. Include a list of prompts to get the stories flowing. Visit storycorps.org for lists of great questions.

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