10 Ways Student Planners Help Kids Succeed

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We all know giving children the tools for success now can benefit them immensely down the road. Student planners help youngsters develop key organizational skills that are essential in school and in life. Learn why all students need planners to reach their greatest potential in school.

How Student Planners Improve Focus and Memory:

  1. Building Organizational Skills: Planners let students keep track of assignments and when they’re due. With space to write homework and other responsibilities down, students know what to do each day and can stay focused on their tasks.
  2. Improving Time Management: Having their “to-do” lists all in one place helps students use their time wisely. They won’t waste time searching through folders and notebooks to see when assignments are due. Students also can write down timelines for long-term projects, which will make them less likely to wait until the last minute to do their work.
  3. Reducing Stress: Students, especially older ones, can suffer from stress and anxiety when it comes to their schoolwork. Keeping all assignments and other important information in one place can relieve school-related stressors and make for happier, healthier, and more successful students.
  4. Encouraging Self-Discipline: Planners hold students accountable. Students need to fill them out daily and check to make sure that they’ve completed all their assignments and written down important classroom-related information. Students will quickly learn that keeping their planner up-to-date will help them do better in school.
  5. Sharpening Memory: The simple act of writing something down in planners encourages students to remember what they need to know or what is required of them. Whether it’s an assignment, spelling word, or book that they’ve read, jotting things down in their planner will help them retain that information.
  6. Boosting Productivity: Students achieve more when they know exactly what is expected of them. They can outline their goals and responsibilities in their planners, and check them off as they’re completed. Each checkmark equals accomplishment!
  7. Bolstering Self-Confidence: Planners provide a tangible record of achievements that students can refer to. At the end of the year especially, students can look back on all they have accomplished and be proud.
  8. Increasing Knowledge: Beneficial study tips, factoids, character words, and growth mindset tips enhance the planner-using experience for students. They learn a little something new every day, which adds up to a wealth of extra knowledge by the end of the year.
  9. Promoting School/Home Communication: Every student planner has sections devoted to teacher and parent/caregiver comments, keeping everyone on the same page. Teachers can alert parents/caregivers about any areas in need of improvement, and parents/caregivers can address concerns they may have. Additionally, these comment sections keep students in check and let them know others care about their education.
  10. Fostering Overall Success: Students can achieve more and do better in school when they use student planners. Those who learn to utilize their planners effectively will have the best chance for a great school year and a bright future!

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